Vinyl Flooring China

Why is LVT Irreplaceable?

LVT is by far the most popular vinyl flooring in the market. It has colorful textures, special layer protection layer, scratch resistant UV layer, anti-bacteria and anti-static. Great utility and attractive looking make it a major floor covering for household, pulic area and medical facilities.

lvt flooring tiles china

The features of LVT is it is more vivid in the appearance. The feel and emboss grain resemble the timber so much. It has many installation options. You can glue it on the floor base or use a specialized backing.

LVT is doing really well in a fast changing market. There is its reasons.

How LVT Beats Other Flooring

LVT is so much similar with the floor looking ceramic tiles. In terms of appearance they looks almost the same. But when it comes to the full scenarios, LVT wins.

  • Lighter weight with a softer feel
  • Easier to install because it is flexible
  • Easier to maintain and fix the scratches

Why Consumers Buy LVT Floor Tiles?

It can fit all kinds room design no matter it is for home or commercial use. More flexible designs make it attractive for interior designers and companies. Besides all these advantages, there are a lot more to be said. Many places can use it and these places include home, hospital, hotel, school, gym room, shopping mall, office and stadium, etc.