How to transform your hall from drab to fab: Easy and fun ways to make it a runway of style

Let’s get right into it and jazz up your hallway. You’re probably thinking “Hallways?” Exciting? “Pull the other one!” Listen to me. The stretch between your entrance and the rest of the house doesn’t need to be a snoozeville train. You can transform it with a few clever tricks. Let’s read more about hall decorating ideas.

Let’s start with paint. If you think that slapping any color on your walls will work, then prepare yourself for an unpleasant surprise. Imagine your hallway like the first handshake, or opening lines of your favourite book. It sets the mood. Why not be bold and go for it? It can be transformed from boring to fabulous with a splash of yellow, or even a dark blue. If commitment is more frightening than watching a midnight horror film marathon, then rugs and runners in vibrant patterns will add color without committing to a long-term partnership.

Lighting is next. Stumbling around in the darkness trying to locate the switch for the lights is not fun. It’s no secret that hallways are as dark as a dungeon. So, it is important to brighten things up. The wall sconces can be like your friends that are there for you every day to brighten up the room, but without taking up any floor space. Have a ceiling that is higher than you can imagine? Hang a pendant or chandelier from your ceiling. It’s like jewels for it.

Go wild with your artwork! Transform that hall into your own gallery. Add some interesting abstract pieces or mix and match your frames to make people stop and think. You can create intrigue by displaying your favorite items.

They can make your hall seem larger than it is. They also bounce the light like a beachball at an outdoor summer concert.

It’s not enough to have furniture that is just beautiful; the piece has to do more work than a stinging ant. Voila! A stylish console table, or a unique bench. Function and form are now old friends.

Rugs make the room cozier, and they keep your toes comfortable. They also catch dirt better than anyone – they combine practicality with style!

Don’t forget our green friends, the plants! Plants are not only good for keeping you alive, but they also add color and life faster than you can say “photosynthesis.” Choose plants that don’t get upset if not sunbathed daily.

It’s not rocket science to transform your hall from drab into something spectacular. You can do this by allowing yourself to be creative with color, hanging artwork like you are the curator of a museum, using mirrors in a clever way, selecting furniture that is multi-functional, adding rugs and greenery, or even letting your hallway glow like Christmas.

Grab the doorknobs and show your hallway some love! Grab that hallway and give it some love.