Face your Age with A Cosmetic Facial Surgeon

Although we all know that ageing is inevitable rhinoplasty portland, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be vibrant and young in your 40’s or even 50’s. Ralph Waldo Emerson says that you must always put your best foot forward. It’s no secret, however, that appearing older and less vigorous can negatively impact one’s career and social life. Yes, absolutely! In many situations, the first impression is crucial because it gives others an impression of your thoughts, feelings and personality.

Dr. Shoib Alan Myint specializes as a facial plastic and cosmetic surgery specialist in Las Vegas. He offers both non-surgical treatment and surgical options, with a focus on eyelids, brows and facelifts. He is a leading international cosmetic surgery specialist in facial plastic surgeries. He can perform the face-lifts as well as eye-lids, neck and eyebrow lifts in an aesthetic and natural way.

Facelifts cannot stop the aging or turn back time. Surgery can improve the skin sagging on your face and give you an overall refreshed look. The results will vary depending on which cosmetic procedure you have. They can include correction of sagging facial muscle, a reduction of fat under the eye, or an overall facial rejuvenation. Dr. Myint also uses your own fat or fillers to contour the skin, in conjunction with surgery.

If you want to change the way your eyes look, this is a fantastic option. The brow and eyelid technique can help reduce bags under the eyes, remove wrinkles and skin from your lower lids to improve your field of view and reduce droopiness. You can reap psychological benefits from these physical improvements, such as a boost in self-esteem. It is expected that you will recover from this surgery within a couple of weeks.

A neck lift requires a skilled facial cosmetic surgeon that is well-versed in the anatomy of your face and neck. This surgery improves the appearance of the neck by using a combination procedures including: Botox, liposuction and neck muscle re-shaping. During your consultation with Dr. Myint you will discuss the goals you have for your surgery. This will help us give you the look you want. If you want to reduce the signs of aging, this procedure is for you. Set the realistic expectations. Then, prepare yourself for a youthful appearance.