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PVC Vinyl Flooring Best flooring options for your home

House decoration is a very personal topic. Each family has its own tastes and preference when it comes to filling their residence with the things that will make life more convenient and more beautiful. Flooring is no different from other home accessories in this respect. The good news is that these days, DIY home decorators can find vinyl flooring solutions that will suit just about everyone. Decide what’s important to you in a floor covering and make your choice, armed with the facts on ceramic tile, concrete, hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, and laminate flooring.

Durability of Vinyl Floorings

PVC Vinyl Flooring Rolls China

Vinyl flooring is extremely sturdy and resists staining, fading, or discoloration from the sun, wear and scratching. High-quality laminate is durable, but in cheaper brands, the upper layer may separate from the base. Concrete flooring is tough and long-lasting both indoors and out. Speaking of the great outdoors, if you are planning to install a tile floor on a patio, deck, pool surround, or balcony, make sure that you purchase dedicated tile for exterior use.

In this case, if you need a floor tile in the washroom, laundry room, or balcony, it is important that the vinyl plank is waterproof. In this case, we recommend the latest rigid core flooring. It is easier to install than ceramic tiles. And it is easy to replace if any of the planks are broken. Most importantly, the SPC flooring looks much better than the dull tiles.

vinyl plank

Possibility to refinish or replace vinyl floorings

Hardwood shines in this category. Repairing nicks and scratches is a simple affair. All you need to do is sand them away and reseal. When ceramic or porcelain tile floors or vinyl flooring rolls made of carpet tiles becomes damaged, you can remove and replace just one or two pieces as necessary.

Maintenance of vinyl flooring

Concrete flooring can simply be hosed down if you have a floor drain. Tile is similarly easy to wash, though cleaning the grout will complicate maintenance. Vinyl is relatively low care too, as long as any spills are mopped up quickly and manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

As a vinyl flooring manufacturer in China, we offer complete choices of vinyl flooring for residential, hospital, sports, etc.