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Vinyl Flooring Market Booming in 2019

If you are monitoring the vinyl flooring market lately, you will know that demand for luxury vinyl tiles has been growing at a rather high speed. This market is expected to reach 50 billion U.S. Dollars within the next five years. As the market expands, it is important for manufacturer to exploring how this evolution will change your competitiveness.

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Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) renaissance: Better products & Easier installation

Traditional commercial flooring types — vinyl composition tile (VCT) and vinyl sheet flooring— likely aren’t growing much now. But LVT is taking the headlines, with more design possibilities, easy installation and the emergence of an entirely new subcategory of rigid-core LVT products. It is no surprising that the market share of this product is growing at an annual rate of 14.1%.

Many New Players in PVC Tiles Manufacture Since 2016

Since the market share is booming and LVT is replacing laminated flooring at high speed, the vinly plank were in shortage. The rigid core spc flooring is easy to produce compared with regular click lvt. Thus a lot of new players in China vetured in new plants and factories focusing on this new area. The huge worldwide demand is there so more manufacturers do not make it crowded on the arena. Still a lot of spaces for vinyl floor manufacturers to play.

Multilayer flooring (MLF): The New Species

Among all the improvement in luxury vinyl construction, one breakthrough stands above the rest: Multilayer flooring. MLF is a relatively new species, distinguished by extraordinary performance and strength.

MLF goes by many names: Rigid core LVT, stone plastic composite (SPC), solid polymer core (SPC) and more than 400 others have been used for the category since its introduction in 2013. But all of these terms refer to same type of flooring similar in almost every way to LVT except of the core, which is “rigid” instead of “flexible.”

Rigid core LVT provides many benefits over traditional products. It’s more dimensionally stable and can endure little subfloor imperfections. It is quicker to install, simply clicking into place without acclimation time because it doesn’t expand and contract like the flexible plank LVT. It comes with superior acoustic performance, water resistance and long-term appearance retention.

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