Vinyl Flooring China

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring was first invented in the 1930s to be used in wet conditions. It made an impact on the market when it was first introduced to the home renovation market. In the 21st century, there are many new technologies used in vinyl flooring. The new tech luxury vinyl tiles have a lot of advantages.

Before the LVT was introduced to the market, people use wood floor or laminate flooring as the main material for their projects. The wood floor has a lot of setbacks such as expand, crack, or formaldehyde problems. LVT has overcome many disadvantages of wood flooring with its own advantages. That is why many Chinese manufacturers are switching to vinyl flooring production.

vinyl flooring advantages

Water Resistant

Vinyl flooring is water-resistant because it has no wood content or glue. It is a perfect flooring option for kitchen and bathroom. Even in your balcony, you can use it.

Formaldehyde Free

Not like the laminate flooring using a lot of glue, the vinyl flooring contains no glue. This gives vinyl flooring an advantage for bedroom use. It is more healthy than traditional laminate flooring.

Easy to Install

The vinyl flooring is fairly easy to install than a timber floor. Its requirement for subfloor is lower than that of timber flooring. You can do it yourself at home and save a lot of installation cost. LVT is easy to cut with a blade and be pasted on the existing floor. SPC has a click system that facilitates the installation.

Cheap Price

The 2mm and 3mm dry back LVT has extremely low prices. It is great for a low budget project or temporary rooms.

Acoustic Flooring

LVT flooring is soft with a nature of sound-absorbing. SPC flooring with IXPE or EVA backing can also reduce the sound quite a lot. This is important features become it can improve customer feeling a lot.

vinyl flooring advantage acoustic floor


The rigid core with commercial grade wear layer makes the plank very durable. It can handle high traffic and last very long time in public spaces.

Completely Termite Resistant

The vinyl flooring contains no wood materials thus it is no longer a target for termite or other insects.

Excellent For Underfloor Heating

PVC floor tiles transmit heat better than wood-based floors. And it won’t contract or expand when heated by the subfloor.

Knowing about the advantages of vinyl flooring, consider use them for your next project and save money!