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Resilient Vinyl Flooring Getting Popular in China

Modern people are paying more and more attention to environmentally friendly, non-toxic, worry-free and durable decoration materials. Wood flooring alternative environmentally-friendly flooring materials, which are widely used by international European and American countries, have gradually been discovered in China and widely used in outdoor public venues, municipal, office, education, Medical and home space.

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Vinyl Flooring

According to research, the main cause of PVC elastic flooring becoming the new favorite of the flooring industry has the following characteristics

1. Fast Growing

China’s low labor and raw material costs have laid a solid foundation for domestic companies to produce PVC elastic flooring. The vast market and fast-growing demand attract more and more wood flooring companies, carpet companies, stone flooring companies and ceramic tiles. Flooring enterprises enter the PVC elastic flooring industry.

It is expected that in the next few years, the output and sales volume of PVC elastic flooring will increase more than any other flooring, and it will become one of the fastest growing special economies.

2. A Wider Range of Applications

In addition to public places, vinyl flooring is naturally light, flame retardant, moisture-proof, and non-slip, making it the most popular decorative material in the future. In addition to being widely used in public places, it will also enter the huge home improvement market in a large area, and the scope of application will be further broadened.

3. More Environmentally Friendly

With the continuous optimization and improvement of technology and processing technology, PVC elastic flooring will be more stable in environmental protection and health, safety will be continuously improved and improved through competition and innovation, and recycling research results will make recycling more efficient. It has become the most popular recycling material for recycling, environmental protection and non-toxicity.

4. Installation Requirements Getting Higher

The unrestricted requirements for the safety of decorative materials and the unsatisfied pursuit of decorative effects will greatly change the simple installation process of existing PVC plastic flooring. In order to better display the colorful decorative effect of PVC elastic floor, the technical level of the installation company and the installer will be higher and higher, which will promote the mature technology of PVC elastic floor construction, and the industry is more orderly and standardized.

5. Industry Supply Chain More Complete

The development process of domestic PVC elastic flooring in recent years will be the same as the development of international elastic flooring. Many imported brands have a relatively standardized system of sales and installation systems. Their respective division of labor is very clear. Raw material suppliers are very familiar with materials and performance, which is the best. Construction organizers have become one of the most notable features of the domestic PVC flooring industry.

Next year, Chinese vinyl flooring manufacturers will be the same, not only the supplier of spc flooring rigid core, but also the best professional construction and installation instructor of PVC elastic flooring.

6. Strengthening industrial concentration

Although the development of vinyl flooring in China is not long, the regionality is very obvious, the industry is relatively concentrated, and has formed four industrial bases in Beijing, Zhangjiagang, Shanghai and Guangzhou. With the continuous expansion of the production scale of domestic brand enterprises, the industrial concentration will be further strengthened, the monopoly will become stronger and stronger, and the cooperation and integration between industries will be promoted. It is not difficult to see that next year will be a group of heroes, and the year of continuous improvement of the style and material of flexible flooring products is also the most intense year of channel competition. Under the fierce competition, there must be more rapid development.