Vinyl Flooring China – VFC


Vinly Flooring China is a manufacturer and supplier of PVC vinly flooring rolls, planks, tiles for various applications. We have been in vinyl flooring producing and exporting business for years and we have clients in more than 20 countries.

Our expertise are in floorings below:

  • Vinly Flooring Rolls
  • PVC Flooring Tiles & Planks
  • Flooring for hospital
  • Flooring for home

vinly flooring rolls production companyThe production capacity of our factory is very high and we can meet needs for all countries. The massive production enable us to drive down the cost and supply clients floorings at low price with good quality. The PVC floorings are widely used in Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, United States, Middle East, South East Asia, Russia, etc.